Barn Quilts Act As Beacons

Barn quilts are a means of rolling out the red carpet.  Barn quilts point the way.  This modest lure provides a series of sign posts that tell detailed stories via social media.  Use the barn quilt trail to guide visitors to your business.
Before visiting, tourists develop an image about the destination.  Their expectations are based on previous experience, word of mouth, press reports, web research, promotional advertising, and common beliefs about what a countryside experience is all about.   People need to find the information they need to plan their trip before they leave. Mobile platforms and google mapping play a key role. 
During.  Visitors want to access community stories, history, and local events as they travel down the trail.  Will they be able to access community information from their mobile device as they travel?   Where can they access wifi?  Bathrooms?  Are there sign posts to pull visitors off the main highway?  Where are the lures that will beckon them to stop? 
After.  The image and memory of a destination lingers after a visit. Will visitors be impressed enough to take the time to Post about their experience when they get home? Will they find a Facebook page where they can post a Like?  Will they recommend the experience to friends?

Make it easy to find, easy to do, and easy to stay and play.


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