Tourism: The Role of DMOs

Do everything possible to support the local creation of a barn quilt Trail. If the community catches the barn quilt bug, the District Marketing Organization can encourage the leadership and help remove barriers.    With the support of DMOs, a Barn quilt Trail supports local economic investment.  A low investment in community development produces a reasonable return.

Set the local stage for the three elements: the barn quilts; the communities that created them; and the business community.  Use the internet effectively to help the visitor navigate rural communities from their mobile devices.

Barn quits are a tool for Six Pack Packaging.  

Behind the scenes, the DMO consolidates the Six Pack:

1. Attractions natural, man-made, artificial, purpose built, heritage, special events)
2. Accessibility  (entire transportation system comprising of routes, terminals and vehicles)
3. Amenities (accommodation and catering facilities, retailing, other tourist services)
4. Available Package (pre-arranged packages by intermediaries and principals)
5. Activities (all activities available at the destination and what consumers will do during their visit)
6. Ancillary services (services used by tourists such as banks, telecommunications, post, newsagents, hospitals, etc)

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