Plan and Organize

Whether you want to paint a barn quilt for your own barn or organize a big community project, you have some planning to do.  The Ontario Barn Quilt Team wants to help you get started. When you finish your project, we hope you will help a neighbouring community. Pay your Paint Forward and share your best tips and practices.

Getting Started

Gather your key supporters together and put the following on the agenda:

Community Organizing:
  • Strategies to involve others in the project
  • Proposal writing (draft, refinement, submission)
  • Initial fund raising.
Choose project coordinator(s) with the capacity to organize:
  • community volunteers (quilters, painters, story writers)
  • installations
  • public relations.
Bring a 'lead applicant' on board for fundraising activities.  A lead applicant has the capacity to:
  • prepare funding proposals and requests to sponsors
  • assume responsibility for managing finances (receive funds, distribute payments)
  • prepare financial reports to funders
  • write thank you letters to sponsors.
Seek out potential sponsors and government funding programs. Proposal writing requirements:
  • Lead applicant (contact, legal identity, profile/experience)
  • Groups, organizations, and people who will carry out the project
  • Matching donations and in kind contributions of labour, materials, and management.
Figure out the parameters of the project and write them down:
  • Title, description, location
  • Goals of the project and how these align with the objectives of the funding source
  • Benefits and results of the project (for the community, for individuals)
  • Recognition for the funder.


Click over to Resources on this Website for a list of templates to assist with administration.
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