Estimated Costs and Tasks

Here are some cost estimates (based on 2013 costs for the Native Women’s Quilt of Tears) to help you get a budget started:

Quilt Production:

  • Fabric supplies $300  (Northcott Silk has been an enthusiastic sponsor, donating fabric for theme quilts of inspiration) 
  • Notions and finishing of the quilt  $150
  • Quilt display stand  $250 
  • Hold design meetings for quilt block choices that reflect theme and stories
  • Find sewing volunteers and a quilt coordinator


Barn Quilt Fabrication

Quilt Block Preparation: sanding and priming:
  • Multiple Density Overlay plywood:  G1S – ½” plywood – 4’ x 8’ sheets — two sheets for each Barn Quilt   $100/block
  • Sand paper  $2/block
  • Saw horses or tables. * Also used for painting.
  • Primer  $20/block

* Rollers and trays (roller, tray, tray liner, roller refill) $4/block
* Drop sheets (roll of plastic) $3.75/block
* Materials used for painting and sealing too.

Use only quality materials, such as MDO (Medium Density Overlay) signboard that is designed to withstand the weather. 

Barn Quilt painting:

Painter’s tape, ruler/straight edge (4 feet long), pencils, erasers, string   $5/block
Paint – high quality exterior latex   $35/block
Brushes, paint rags, plastic wrap, small containers with fitted lids   $5/block
* saw horses/tables and drop sheets.  Budgeted above.
Volunteer artists
Volunteer painters
Indoor location(s) with facilities to wash out paint brushes and trays

Barn Quilt sealing:

• Cement Sealer – high quality   $6/block
• New roller covers and trays $  2/block
• Paint rags   $1/block
* saw horses/tables and drop sheets, roller holders
• Volunteer painters
• Indoor location(s) for painting and drying and washing rollers and trays
• Storage area for finished barn quilt blocks prior to installation


Barn Quilt framing materials and labour:
  • 2” x 4” x 8’ pressure treated lumber – 6 per barn quilt block $30/block
  • Screws 1‐1/4” $1/block
  • Washers $2/block
  • Tools (hammer, cordless power drill, drill bits, measuring tape, level)
  • Vehicle (possibly trailer) to transport barn quilt blocks
  • Blankets/ cover sheets to protect barn quilt
  • Qualified carpenters
On Barns:
  • Lift truck rental with padding on cage   $350/day
  • Screws to install frame hanger to barn   $2/block
  • Rigging to raise quilt block panel
  • Qualified lift operators and carpenters   $150/block
On Posts:
  • 6” x 6” x 16’ pressure treated lumber – 2/barn quilt block $100/block

  • Installed 4’ into the ground by qualified people based on approved site locates   $100/block
  • 2”x 4” x 8’ – 3 more (1 for ledger, 2 for ground supports) $15/block
  • 4” x 4” x 4’ (optional for ground supports)  $15/block
  • Screws to install 2 x 4’s to posts   $2/block
  • Ladder with protective padding to reach top of quilt block panel
  • Qualified carpenters   $150/block

Budget Example: Native Women’s Trail of Tears

Quilt Production  $450

Preparation $4,015
Painting $1,395
Finishing $215

On Barns $3,640
On Posts $6,495

Total  =  $16,210 or $525 per block


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