Financing Plan

Make a list of your fund raising opportunities and prepare a financing plan that includes:

  • Donations and discounts from suppliers and host locations
  • In kind contributions from volunteers (e.g. hours of labour and management) and contributions from other organizations for different parts of the project
  • Budget
  • Direct material costs, in kind contributions, other sources of revenue
  • Requests from funding source
  • Detailed Work Plan: activities, timelines, outcomes.


If volunteers paint the barn quilts, the dollar cost will be lower, but the volunteer management time and effort is higher. Invite a sign painter or artist to advise. Using quality paint and correct painting techniques is crucial: we want these beautiful paintings to survive years of Canadian weather.

If barn quilts are painted individually or in small numbers with a large array of paint colours, the paint costs will be higher. Limit colour palette and coordinate bulk ordering and sharing of paint.  Reach out to us here at Ontario Barn Quilt Trails to find out what community might pay their leftover paint forward to your project.
The Longwoods Barn Quilt Trail raised funds to pay volunteer service groups $200 per barn quilt to paint the blocks. So the fun of painting barn quilts turned into a fund raiser too. Each group found a proper painting location and painted 5 blocks during a week long blitz.  The organizer coordinated the movement of paint and supplies from one location to the next.

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