Management Tips

Inspiration.   A project can start anywhere.  Quilters themselves can provide the momentum.  A beautiful story quilt stitched by the local guild, telling the community's story, can get a project rolling.  

Temiskaming Barn Quilt Trail was inspired by the desire to draw visitors to the 2009 International Plowing Match out to the rural byways.  Wardsville was engaged in a village revitalization effort and barn quilts celebrated their bicentennial.  St. George 4-H Club - the youth - got a project rolling in Brant County.

Mobilizing Volunteers from several communities.   If the painting project looks too big for a group of volunteers, then raise enough money to pay them.  Boy Scouts, service groups, community groups - they don’t need another volunteer project but they are looking for an easy fund raiser.  

The Longwoods project paid $200 per block and six groups stepped forward to paint 5 blocks each.  The paint  and gear moved down the highway from one painting station to the next.  It was an exercise in logistics, but it was fun and satisfying.  That project was able to involve dozens and dozens of volunteers from several communities along a 65 kilometre stretch of heritage highway.  (The groups are all waiting, hoping for another project.)

The Quilting Shop.   The local quilt shop entrepreneur might be a project instigator.  Or she might be a huge champion.   Joan Hilhorst at Sew Creative was intrigued by barn quilts and when she heard about a local project, she showed up to the first meeting.  She arranged for Northcott Fabrics to donate all the fabric to the project quilts. She coordinated the creation of three inspirational fabric quilts: Wardsville, Longwoods, and the Trail of Tears Quilts.  Then, she helped sustain the project by caring for the quilts and acting as their booking agent.

On-line Project Administration.   On-line tools can be of great assistance to a committee that has delegated various tasks and responsibilities.  Google Drive offers shared documents, presentations, and spread sheets for a powerful collaborative effort. Basecamp is a powerful project management tool for a committee to share.  

All of the social media tools offer shared moderation.  Google Hangout allows two or more people to talk together at their desks at no charge, sharing computer screens of information. 

There is a learning curve.  But there is a powerful pay-off when committee members can reduce face-to-face meeting time and increase their work time. 


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