Social Media

Barn quilts are a great way for your community to improve its on-line presence.  When people discover your barn quilts, you also want them to discover your local businesses, churchs, and organizations.  Barn quilts can act as a "welcome mat" to your community when you utilize internet tools to point the way.

Mary and Denise recommend that every local trail have a Facebook page, a Pinterest account, a Google map, and hopefully a YouTube channel.  Seek out tech savvy youth and your local on-line companies to help.   

Melissa Schenk, our social media geru, explains the value of twitter, blogging, woobox, and google plus.  


Rural communities have been consistently on the wrong side of the ‘digital divide’ but social media allows rural non-profits and businesses to “get back on the map”.   The barn quilt trail can be used to educate rural communities about how to market their locale.  Host communities can tell their story on-line.  The travelling audience (tourists, daytrippers, Sunday drivers) can learn about the place they are driving through - before they leave or even while driving by.

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