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Together we are helping each other tell our community stories via the beautiful paintings of barn quilt blocks installed in special locations.   By creating a series of barn quilts in your community (or simply putting one on your barn) you become a member of (Canadian Barn Quilt Trails).  There is no monetary charge.  Instead, we need your commitment to contribute to the whole.

Maybe your community is installing the barn quilts now… or maybe you are just daring yourself to mobilize the community to do a project! is ready to help.

If we build one big Canadian map and database that links to all the beautiful barn quilts, then we build one powerful tool to help people navigate the barn quilt trails.  Anyone who has planned a barn quilt trip, knows that it becomes rapidly frustrating when visitors discover multiple websites, multiple maps for every single trail across Canada and the United States.  Together we can curate our trails from coast to coast and provide the visitor with a powerful experience.

So here’s the deal:

1. Share Your Barn Quilts offers a free URL where you can upload your data about each barn quilt: the location, the story, the host property, the beautiful picture, the sponsor, the painters, and more!

You project just has to collect the data and upload it to with help from the team.  

2. Pay it forward.

Before your trail is finished, the neighbours down the road will want to start their project.  Offer to speak to their group.  Pass along your unfinished cans of Dulux paint and painting supplies.  Help them out!

3. Promote via Social Media

You have built the buzz and established your trail!  Now you have to keep it going.  Here is where you get the youth involved if they are not leading the project already!  facebook!  Twitter!  Pinterest!  Instagram!  Share the fun.  Pump out the pictures.  Inspire the next community project.

4. Put up Signs

“What are those paintings on the barns?”  Travellers are looking for road signs to explain the meaning of the barn quilts.  In Ontario, we’ve put a signage strategy together and we’ll share the experiment so far.  Our friends to the south of the border have experience to share too.  

5. Look after your Sponsors

Deliver on your sponsor promises. Dulux Paint has been a huge supporter in Canada so is busy promoting Dulux.  Also: Home Hardware!  4-H! and many others.  Who are your sponsors?  Let’s thank them for supporting our projects every chance we get.  

6.  Get students Involved

One of the most fascinating aspects of the barn quilt projects is youth leadership and creativity.  Teachers are using barn quilts as a teaching tool.  There’s no limits: geometry; history; art; geography; mathematics; creative writing.  Ask teachers to get their classes involved!  Approach the school board about a Board-wide barn quilt project to commemorate the 150th birthday of Canada.  Share Your Barn Quilts

7.  Register Your Local Trail

Register your local trail at website. Populate with high quality photos and stories to promote your community.  To get started, contact us to get your data uploaded to the maps at  

A few items  the OBQT needs to get your map started. One of your team members can work on this as your project develops.

  1. All barn quilts must be visible from the road.

  2. good quality "Named" photo of installed barn quilt 

  3. a graphic image of the barn quilt design. 

  4. spreadsheet that we provide filled in with details

  5. 100 character descriptor of barn quilt or story of farm.

  6. longer version of story if you so choose. The longer stories are  included on the barn quilts page for visitors to read.

  7. a story about your painting group, your project. A nice photo of group would be great as well.

  8. No  2' x 2' barn quilt images are posted on

Posrted by Mary Simpson,  June 26, 2015


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