Put up Signs along your trail

Description: C:\Users\btannahill\Downloads\OntarioBarnQuiltTrails500_RGB.jpgThere are four parts to this signage strategy. 

  1. Trail head signs
  2. Information Inside Roadside Sign
  3. Information Inside Decal
  4. Barn Quilt Sign (not included in this package)

As a participating community in the Ontario Barn Quilt Trails (OBQT), we invite your trail project to join us in publicly identifying your local trail as part of the larger trail system in Ontario.   The following strategy identifies how you can apply the OBQT branded signage and maximize the publicity created through the website link and social media postings.

Barn Quilt Trails Signage Strategy


1.   Trail Head Signs – 18” x 24” alupanels 

Trailhead signs let these important viewers know they are on a barn quilt trail.  A short URL code typed into a smart phone can access information about your trail and barn quilts at barnquilttrails.ca   

Trail head signs have:

  • Name of the trail at the top
  • OBQT.ca – short URL web link to the specific trail at barnquilttrails.ca   

To assist in providing information about your local sponsors, the bottom section of the sign is available to add a sponsor plaque acknowledging your contributors.  A local sign shop can create a 5” x 16” adhesive vinyl peel and stick label or an alupanel completed with double sided tape for adhering to the main sign over the area now showing “Creative Rural Connections”. We suggest these be produced in quantities of 6.

Get Support

  • Contact your local tourism district office and ask them to support your signage project.
  • Get the support of elected representatives.
  • Contact your municipal public works department to determine local signage bylaws.  


  • Identify the start and end of your local trail and a turning point somewhere in the middle
  • Install 6 to 8 foot metal or 4” x 4” x 8 foot pressure treated wooden posts at these locations – one on either side of the road pointing travellers to the start and end points of your trail plus two at the mid-point
    • Note: Municipal Bylaws will require a specific offset from the edge of the roadway and a “Site Locate” certificate to ensure that no existing utilities (gas, electric, telephone or sewer lines) will be disturbed during installation of the posts
    • http://www.on1call.com  - Contact ON1Call first to get a locate so you can dig safely.  It’s the law.We can be liable for any damage or injury caused by interfering with buried infrastructure. Request a free locate online or call 1-800-400-2255. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Another option might be to secure the sign to an existing flat wall or fence post after obtaining permission from the owner of that location


Ready to start?  Complete the attached order form and email to us

  • Additional trail head signs can be purchased for $50.00 each plus shipping by parcel post.
  • Sponsor plaques can be purchased for $55.00 in quantities of 6 plus shipping by parcel post (Must supply name of Supporter for Plaques)
  • Approach a local sign company to produce additional signs as required using the standard artwork design located on the OBQT website resource section.  The recommended material is .063 aluminum signs from white alupanel material.  This material will ensure durability. regardless of location as well as consistency with the trail head signs already provided to you.

2.  “Information Inside” Roadside Signs – removable 24” x 24” coroplast roadside sign – 6 per community

There may be a number of natural stopping points along your trail, where travellers can pull off the road to safely get out of their vehicles and visit the site (eg. gas station, restaurant/coffee shop, corner store, tourist information).  These “Information Inside” sites can help promote your trail by:

  • training their staff on some of the basic information about your trail (using a “Frequently Asked Questions” information sheet that you have provided);
  • putting the removable 24” x 24” “Ontario Barn Quilt Trail Information Inside” sign in a visible location near the road (Note: similar to an election roadside sign), so that travellers are drawn to stop in to the site
  • displaying an “Ontario Barn Quilt Trail Information Inside” 4” x 6” cling on decal at their entrance
  • posting  large map that your project provides in a visible location of their establishment.

To get you started we have provided you with 6 of the 24” x 24” signs made from coroplast, complete with wire installation frames.

3.  “Information Inside” Decals – 4” x 6” removable vinyl cling on decals – 10 per community

Some of the natural stopping points along your trail may not want to use the removable roadside signs, but are willing to promote your trail.  You can acknowledge that effort by providing them with an “Ontario Barn Quilt Trail Information Inside” cling-on decal to display as they feel is appropriate.

To get you started we have provided you with 10 of the 4” x 6” cling on decals. 

To get yours, complete the attached order form and email to us

  • Additional removable “Ontario Barn Quilt Trail Information Inside” Signs can be purchased for $40.00 plus shipping by parcel post
  • Additional removable vinyl cling on “Ontario Barn Quilt Trail Information Inside” Decals can be purchased for $25.00/set of 10 plus shipping by regular mail


4. Barn Quilt Signs: tell the story about a specific barn quilt.  

A barn quilt sign is installed near its barn quilt and provides information:

  1. Barn Quilt Trail name
  2. Name of the barn quilt
  3. Small graphic image of the barn quilt
  4. Short url code, brings visitor right to the story and details of this barn quilt
  5. Red barn and logo of the OBQT identifies your trail as part of the OBQT
  6. Blue audio marker designates to visitor there is an audio component to their visit, this could be a FM radio station number
  7. Advertising space

Description: BQT Road Side Sign with details.png

Description: C:\Users\btannahill\Downloads\OntarioBarnQuiltTrails500_RGB.jpg                                            




Name of Barn Quilt Trail:

Name of Project Contact:

Street Address:





Postal Code:





Type of Sign



Total Cost

Trail Head Sign *  18” x 24”

Right Hand Arrow

$50.00 Each



Left Hand Arrow

$50.00 Each



Middle – No arrow

$50.00 Each


Sponsor Name Plaque  ** (goes on Trail Head Sign.

5” x 16”  Plastic label

$55.00/set of 6


Information Inside Roadside Sign

24” x 24” Coreplast.

$40.00 Each


Information Inside Decal

4” x 6”

$25.00/set of 10






HST (13%)




Total Before Shipping Costs



Estimated Shipping

To be completed by OBQT


Total Order



Trail Head Sign Wording *

Sponsor Name Plaque Wording **



















Payment required in advance to process order.  Send completed order with payment to:

Ontario Barn Quilt Trails

C/O Mary Simpson

22688 Tait’s Road, Glencoe, ON N0L 1M0

Tel: 519-318-1074                          Email: mailto:[email protected]


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